martes, 19 de enero de 2021

Os 10 de Calambres do 2020

Aquí tedes os 10 imprescincibles do 2020 para Calambres:

1. THE REFLECTORS "First Impression" (Burger Records / Time for Action)
2. LIE DETECTORS "Long Play" (Folc Records)
3. JASON JOSUA & THE BEHOLDERS "Alegría y Tristeza" (Mango Hill Records)
4. MANDALAI LAMAS " Out of Time" (Dark Globe)
5. LOS WAVY GRAVIES "Rufus is back in town" (Family Spree Recs)
6. HOLY HIVE "Float back to you" (Big Crown Records)
7. GREEN SEAGULL "Cloud Cover" (Mega Dodo)
8. THE SPITS "VI" (Thriftstore Records)
9. MFC CHICKEN "Fast food and broken hearts"
10. THE HANGING STARS "A new kind of sky" (Crimson Crow)

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